IoT, Big Data e Analytics

Vem Solutions, in addition to Raw and Big Data Management for the development of telematics applications dedicated to the IoT, also operates in the field of the Internet of Things or "machine-to-machine communication", an area in which "embedded device" communication has been surpassed for years now.

Today cars connected through OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) or After Market solutions dominate European and world markets, supported and favored by laws such as the mandatory Emergency Call in Europe from March 2018 on newly homologated vehicles.

Connectivity makes possible new business models related to the theme of shared mobility, but with an eye to cost-effectiveness, sustainability and Smart City integration. This is why Vem Solutions designs and develops App (applications) that are innovative, secure and scalable, modular and integrated with current legacy environments, and which can:

1. Provide drivers with preventive information (Safety & Security driving)

2. Display travel routes with traffic notifications and points of interest (Smart driving)

3. Provide utilities such as personalized insurance policies or remote assistance with tele-diagnosis (Driving style & Predictive support)

4. Create a reward system through gamification and social media connectivity activities