Data Processing & Customization

Business database development for data processing and conversion

Thanks to its consolidated presence in the LBS (Local Based Services) market, Vem Solutions can count on the years of expertise gained by managing one of the most important and consistent telematics databases at the European level, powered by information systems for the real-time collection of mobility data, which are collected and transmitted by dedicated on-board units.

Vem Solutions can provide a wide range of solutions, ranging from the supply of raw data (FCD - real-time data, HCD - historical data, O/D matrices - routes) to more in-depth analyses (dashboards, cartography, reporting, specific geofencing applications) providing detailed information on:

  • vehicle traffic info and control
  • Origin/Destination matrices
  • commuter traffic to/from interchange nodes
  • routes and distances traveled/car park analyses
  • loading/unloading of goods in interports 
  • time spent within the goods loading/unloading areas
  • analyses for different periods (hours/days/months, etc.)
  • analyses of road sections and segments (interports, hubs, logistic nodes, motorway segments with geographical coordinates)
  • road condition, dangerous spots including optional information on vehicle type

    The anonymous and aggregated data available to Vem Solutions are processed and stored in full respect of privacy.


    All this information, if properly managed and processed, allows us to:

    1. Create services that have a significant impact on the safety of motorists.

    2. Create opportunities for those public and private companies that decide to use telematics to streamline the management of their business and improve their road mobility services

    3. Support institutions, foundations and associations in carrying out experimental, innovation-related projects in the road safety and road prevention field