Vehicle Telematics

Digital Transformation

In a global market that is evolving faster and faster, thanks to the combination of new paradigms such as Digital Transformation, it is necessary to rethink design and production models.

To achieve this, it becomes imperative to advance in the areas of technological innovation, digitization, the equipping of telematics solutions and smart sensors, and the development and integration of platforms that can improve operational processes in terms of efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

All this generates a huge amount of raw data that must involve a process of management, processing, and analysis with the aim of providing its customers with the information they need to develop their business in an innovative way.

Added to this is the ability to design Intelligent Transport or Transportation Systems (ITS), for Electronic toll collection (ETC) and other telematics solutions for public and private organizations.

The future of the Smart Cities

Connectivity makes new business models possible related to the theme of sharing, economic and sustainable mobility integrated within Smart Cities.

With its established expertise of several years in the LBS (Local Based Services) market, Vem is the ideal technology partner to design and develop advanced solutions and smart technology platforms for any of its customers’ business needs.

Data Processing and Customization

Business-database design for data processing and conversion

Vem Solutions can support companies in the design and implementation of databases, tailored to the actual business development needs, maximizing the value of their data. Vem Solutions has a long experience in the field of Analytics and the implementation of Business and Customer Intelligence and Data Warehouse systems and platforms.

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