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Range of products

Vem Solutions has always been synonymous with design, innovation, and experience in production, with a particular specialization in the development of satellite devices for the automotive market.

The range of products offered is characterized by cutting-edge technologies oriented towards safety and protection functions for the management of vehicles, fleets, and valuables.

With over 10,000 square meters of controlled environments and cutting-edge technologies, thanks to adequate capacity and flexibility, the Vem Solution can support assembly volumes dedicated to large industrial productions.

Automotive and Motorsport

We develop onboard satellite devices for the provision of safety, protection, and vehicle tracking services. We design hi-tech electronic systems for the electronic control of engine components, on-board control units, and energy recovery systems for racing applications (F1, Rally, Motorcycle).

Smart Home

Realization of electronic systems for the control of components dedicated to the white goods industry for home & building automation applications and home automation systems related to communication and security, management, and saving of energy and telecommunications.

Defense and Aerospace

Over time, electronic control units have been developed and produced for the control of fixed and rotary-wing aircraft, for use on naval units, and radar systems. These are projects relating to the production of electronic control units with high technological complexity that observe strict quality standards, to guarantee high performance in terms of reliability and safety.

IT and IoT Technologies

We produce electronic boards for the control of servers and IT devices (DSL modem, Energy metering, IP security gateway). We develop smart devices dedicated to the world of personal security and object location.


Vem Solutions proposes itself, on the various Satellite Infotelematics markets, with a wide differentiated technological offer ranging from the development of hardware platforms to the development of software capable of providing value-added services.

Vem Solutions products use the “TSP13” on-air standard, a protocol developed to allow communication between the devices and the Operating Centers owned and/or by third parties.


With a full range of advanced engineering skills, Vem Solutions has consolidated over time important know-how in all activities related to the production, assembly, and testing of hardware systems.

Our engineering team is committed to providing the best industrial solutions to ensure quality and cost competitiveness through product, process, and test engineering optimization.

Design from Customer

Prototyping, NP


Material Procurement

PCB Assembly

Functionality & Reliability Testing

Box Build

System Integration

Distribution Support

Repair & Upgrade

Production Surplus

Vem Solutions S.p.A, which has always been attentive to the needs of the IoT sector, given the lack of electronic components, has decided to make available the surplus of components used for the manufacture of its products.

For a possible request, you can reach us at the references at the contacts section.

One of our sales staff will contact you providing you with all the details on the components and how to purchase them.

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