Vem Solutions is an Italian company that has been operating for over 45 years in Research and Development, systems and process engineering, and electronic manufacturing.

The mission has always been to design, develop and produce telematics devices and intelligent sensors equipped with IoT technologies, telematics platforms and services for the B2B / B2B2C world, and Apps for smartphones and tablets.

The company is also focused on the research, development, and production of hardware, firmware, software, IT platforms, offering effective and innovative solutions both for the companies of the Viasat Group and for third parties.

Vem Solutions has, in addition to a considerable technical background, controlled environments, cutting-edge technologies, layout, and organizational models that are the result of experience and optimization acquired over time.

Strong skills
Expertise in electronic and IT engineers, Big Data analysts and architects, technicians, and specialized operators

Dedicated project teams
Composed of developers and Data Scientists for the vertical development of IT platforms for data and information management

Automated lines
For the assembly of SMD components and assembly lines for PTH components

Test systems
ICT and functional


Production capability
Flexible and scalable according to customer needs


180.000 pieces/hour
SMD component assembly capability

Viasat Group

Vem Solutions S.p.A is a company of the Viasat Group that has always placed technological innovation at the center of its mission through the creation and dissemination of Security and Protection Systems and Services with the application of Satellite Telematic Technologies.

The Viasat Group operates in the sector of satellite telematics, Big Data, and, thanks to its consolidated experience, in the LBS (Local Based Services) market, with over 2 million devices produced for the Telematics Service Provider market worldwide.

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