Electronic Manufacturing

50 years of experience

We support our customers in all phases of design, industrialization and high-end electronic production, and large consumption with a specific focus on the supply of satellite and IoT telematics systems.

With 50 years of experience in EMS (Electronic Manufacturing Services) and LBS (Location Based Services), we can design customized solutions, based on customer specifications, providing the expertise of engineers and specialized technicians oriented to consulting and problem-solving.

We oversee the entire value chain, thanks to a vertically integrated internal process, thus responding to market needs through a flexible, scalable, and modular offer.

Some of our products

Production of hi-tech and consumer electronics boards and systems for the automotive and motorsport sectors (telemetry and energy recovery systems), highly complex high-end boards with an important technological mix, electronic control units for HVAC systems and the control of wing aircraft fixed and rotating, building automation & home automation and electronic cards for Information Technology and IoT.

Current transformers for protection and control circuits and for measuring instruments, DIN rail transformers for low voltage. Ferrite transformers for high-frequency applications.

ALA and ALO series inductors, RCO series choke coils, RLB and SL series radial inductors, and wideband choke coil.

Storage coils with or without container and iron powder cores (IronPowder) or in molipermalloy (MPP), noise compensated toroidal coils for PCB mounting. Anti-interference toroidal coils for dimmers and ground toroids.

Power supplies for DIN rail installation, designed for home automation applications with switching technology. Solutions with powers up to 70 W in modular containers.

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