IoT and Big Data

Big Data Analytics

In a global market that is evolving faster and faster, thanks to the combination of new paradigms such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and Digital Transformation, it is necessary to rethink production and service models. To achieve this goal it is vital to advance in the field of technological innovation, digitalization, the provision of telematics solutions and intelligent IoT sensors, the integration of platforms, so that people, vehicles, and goods can circulate in less time, safely and in cheapness.

All this generates an impressive amount of raw data that must include a Big Data management and analysis process to identify and predict information. Analytical, descriptive, predictive, or prescriptive models generate more and more innovative services. Connected vehicles produce different types of data: from diagnostic information to vehicle location data, from V2X communication to data for telematics policies.

The future of the Smart Cities

Connectivity makes new business models possible related to the theme of sharing economic and sustainable mobility integrated within Smart Cities.

Thanks to its long-standing experience in the LBS (Local Based Services) market, Vem Solutions has a telematic database (FCD – Floating Car Data & HCD – Historical Car Data) among the most relevant and consistent in Europe.

Data Processing and Customization

Business database design for data processing and evaluation

Vem Solutions can provide various solutions ranging from the supply of raw data to more in-depth and structured analyzes for every business need using its technological platform.

Preventive info for drivers Traffic info and notifications Utility services providing
Dangerous or unsuitable driving signal for a certain type of road Raw vehicle mobility data for traffic analysis (cars and commercial vehicles) Telematic and dynamic crash assessment for customized insurance policies
Traffic information and control Analysis of outdoor billboards Emergency management with Operations Center
Real-time information on the weather conditions of the road route Origin/destination matrices Remote alarm management
Map the danger of road sections (holes, bumps, dangerous curves, sections with a high risk of accidents, etc.) Analysis of interchange nodes Diagnostics and remote assistance with remote diagnosis
Routes and distances carried out Loading/unloading/freight stop times in the unloading areas (eg interprets) Securization
Parking/traffic heat maps Analysis for different periods (hours/days/months, etc.)
Counts, single and multiple steps to a POI Watch the videos for a preview of our analyzes!
Analysis of areas and road segments (interprets, hubs, logistic nodes, highway segments with geographic coordinates)

For Privacy, anonymous and aggregated data are processed and stored in full compliance with the GDPR.

Vem Solutions, thanks to its consolidated activity in the LBS (Local Based Services) market, has gained over the years great experience in the management of one of the most relevant and consistent telematic databases in Europe powered by information systems for real-time collection of data mobility, detected and transmitted by specific onboard units. Personal data is managed in full compliance with the privacy legislation. They are appropriately pseudonymized and aggregated at such a level that a disproportionate effort should be made to trace the identity of the person concerned concerning the purposes related to the purpose of tracing them. In addition, they are purged of any “specific/single elements” to keep only the values ​​at a statistical level.

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