The Development

Vem Solutions proposes itself, on the various Satellite Infotelematics markets, with a wide differentiated technological offer ranging from the development of hardware platforms to the development of software capable of providing value-added services.

Vem Solutions products use the “TSP13” on-air standard, a protocol developed to allow communication between the devices and the Operating Centers owned and/or by third parties.


Vem Solutions was created in 2007/2008 as the first international platform to perform the medical (eCall) and mechanical (BCall) emergency call management functions dedicated to client companies in the automotive sector.

The Viasatline platform was created to integrate upwards with other specialized service platforms (such as, for example, those for fleet management) and, downwards, with localization devices of the Viasat Group, welcoming events generated by other platforms (eg. customers outside the group).

At the same time, the Viasatline platform provides a wide range of direct services to the operator, the end customer, the Company, and the B2B customer. The architecture of the Viasatline Platform allows it to be connected to other platforms with a unified XM or JSON protocol, called TSP13, and shared at the level of the Telematics Service Provider Association.

In this way, client platforms can provide Fleet-type services and more. Viasatline usually transfers, on request, the “raw data” in real-time to other platforms, such as those dedicated to Floating Car Data.

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