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Published on June 9, 2022

‘Awake’, for drivers’ safety

In recent years, the European Commission has been working constantly to provide regulations and directives aimed at increasing driving safety. 2019/2144 EU Regulation of the European Parliament for the adoption of the Original Black Box Equipment has the purpose of approving requirements for vehicle components aimed at ensuring the overall safety of vehicle occupants and other road users.

Driver Fatigue Detection Systems have been mentioned as well. Viasat Group – although that does not rule out the possibility of its direct interaction with the automotive industry – typically develops aftermarket solutions. In the last two years, Vem Solutions has worked together with a biomedical technological startup and with Turin Polytechnic to develop brand new measurement processes and predictive algorithms capable of detecting any sign of driver’s inattention.

The outcome has been the creation of ‘Awake’ first prototype. It has been conceived to put drivers – and not the vehicles – in the spotlight. An IoT product designed to intercept any dangerous situations related to driver’s drowsiness. A very wise commercial solution.

Marco Annoni, Head BU IoT Solutions VIASAT GROUP

From Guida alla Sicurezza by Viasat Group 2022 >

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