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Published on April 27, 2021

Program Car Rental chooses Viasat and its Buddy anti-abandonment device: safety for adults and children alike

Program Autonoleggio and Viasat have strengthened a relationship of mutual collaboration and trust established over many years, launching a new important partnership in the field of safety, aimed at promoting the Buddy by Viasat device to prevent children from being left in the car. A phenomenon that, over the years, has made many victims among children, falling into desperation entire families destroyed by the pain of an involuntary distraction.

Buddy by Viasat is a real guardian angel for parents and children. It does not replace adult supervision but helps and supports them in their control, thanks to the most advanced technology, connectivity and integration, combined with the attention of the operators of the H24 Operations Centre who manage alarms of potential danger abandonment.

Read the Press Release.

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