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Published on June 15, 2022

Vem Solutions: the industrial pole in Bulgaria is growing

The Vem Solutions company has signed an important industrial partnership agreement with the Asel company of Plovdiv in Bulgaria, which specializes in electronic assembly, plastic molding, electronic boards and modules. The goal is to develop new and relevant synergies with the Minipuls company and, more generally, with Vem Solutions and the Bulgarian company Viasat Technology (all wholly owned subsidiaries of the Viasat Group), in the context of industrial activities and commercial development at an international level. In addition, the aim is to join forces to pursue a policy of rationalizing costs and production sites, as well as optimizing the purchasing policies of components and the supply chain.

“This is an operation of great strategic significance that intends to put the Group’s production capabilities at the center – explains Domenico Petrone, President of Viasat Group –. Based on the results that we will obtain, thanks to this industrial collaboration, we will be able to evaluate during this year the possible combination and integration of Minipuls and Asel, in order to increase the capabilities and expertise in manufacturing. For 2023, there will be the opportunity, again on the basis of the results obtained, for further developments at the corporate level”.

“We are happy to announce this important agreement signed with the Vem Solutions company which falls on the twentieth anniversary of the foundation of our company – declared Errico Fantauzzi, President of Asel and Mauro Cozzi, Managing Director of Asel –. We are confident that we will achieve the common goals we have set ourselves, in order to continue on the agreed plan. This agreement will increase production capacity and expand the offer that we will be able to make to our current customers. It will also allow us to go to the market to evaluate new opportunities that can increase our portfolio”.

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