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Published on January 25, 2021

Viasat Operations Centres network is growing in Europe.

Since the beginning of the year, the European network of Viasat Operations Centres has been enriched with a new site in Stuttgart (Germany) in addition to the other 10 owned in Europe: Rome/Turin (Italy), Bucharest (Romania), Brussels (Belgium), Madrid (Spain), Montauban (France), Warsaw (Poland), Sofia (Bulgaria), London (UK), Lisbon (Portugal). A widespread presence in the main European countries is the result of valuable synergy and integration work, led by the Viasat Operations team headed by Nicodemo Magliocca.

Our Operations Centres are the engine, the power, the voice of the Assistance, Protection and Security services provided to Viasat Group customers. We are talking about hundreds of thousands of events to be managed that require fast reaction times, quality of processes, the professionalism of operators (more than 250 throughout Europe) and, above all, the great understanding of customer’s centrality. This is the world of Viasat Services Operations, which uses its own infrastructures to manage alarms and assistance practices relating to vehicles, goods and driver safety.

“The goal was to interconnect the Operations Centres present in the different sites of our Group’ s companies in order to cover a large part of the European territory” explains Nicodemo Magliocca, Operations Manager of Viasat Group. “When I talk about interconnecting the Operations Centres, I mean the possibility of operating across national borders, so as to drastically reduce intervention times and improve performance, especially in the recovery of vehicles stolen in one country and fraudulently transferred to another. This is without a doubt an important competitive advantage that allows us to offer very high-quality service and great satisfaction to our customers”.

So we can really say never again alone, Viasat is always with you in Italy and… also in Europe!

Follow Nicodemo Magliocca video interview.

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